Taverna namespaces

This site hosts the Taverna XML namespaces and ontologies, including:

Unfortunately some namespaces within this space may not be available as XSDs or OWL files.

Generated identifiers

Taverna generates identifiers starting with:

Note that these URIs are not meant to be clickable (HTTP resolvable) to retrieve the original definition or data. The reason for this is that myGrid does not (and will not) store centrally any workflow run information, data values or workflow definitions. It is however still useful that each workflow definition, each workflow run and each produced data value can be uniquely identified, therefore we build these URIs using UUIDs that are generated within Taverna.

See Data bundle and SCUFL2 workflow bundle for more information.

Guessed information

URIs within the /2010/workflowBundle/ and 2011/run namespaces currently give a 303 See Other redirects to a guessing service that constructs a minimal Linked Data description of the resource based on information embedded in the URI. See scufl2-info for more information and source code.

For example. the URI below identifies the workflow run with a UUID 385c794c-ba11-4007-a5b5-502ba8d14263:


This URI identifies the "string1" input port within the processor "Concatenate_two_strings" in the "Hello_Anyone" within the workflow bundle with the UUID 01348671-5aaa-4cc2-84cc-477329b70b0d:


Contact us

Contact support@mygrid.org.uk if you are unable to locate the corresponding definitions for such a namespace, or have other questions about our namespaces.